Why matrics?

Ya saya pelajar matrik, Kolej matrikulasi Selangor. At the beginning, everyone did not support me to be a student of matriculation, but thats the only choice that i have as the short path to achieve what i aiming for so long since boarding school. To be a science stream student at the boarding school is such an honour till i met the most difficult subjects, biology and physics. Fyi, to score in bio we need to do a lots of reading ( but i am not that one who loves reading ☹️) and to score in phy, you have to grab the concepts and explain it ( but explaining the phy concepts is totally not my speaciality, and i was second last batch for physics during spm trial ). How bad i am, right?

So, i was choosing accounting module in matrics which is the course i have no basics in it. I never learn economics, accounting, business in boarding school so that is my biggest challenge in order to success in matriculation life. 
So in my next posts i will share u guys some of my experiences in matriculation ok ( because i have no idea what to share now, hihi )! Stay tune!


YES AKU ALUMNI after 2 months baru nak update status ALUMNINTEGOMB
Ingat dah besar ha? Dah besar
Lepas dah jadi alumni ni lah pelbagai cabaran nak kena lawan
Cabaran kerja rumah, cabaran ambil lesen mandu, cabaran tahan nafsu tidur nafsu makan nafsu tengok movie tv baca novel husya ig org  macam macam 
PLKN dapat tapi bukan insan bertuah, ditangguhkan pula so kita enjoy. Wadehek gemuklah kau 
Sokay luang masa ngan mak ayah je duduk rumah belajar masak belajar jahit TAPI BELAJAR BUAT AIR BELUM LAGI! Lagi lagi kopi dah ah aku tak minum kopi tapi sebab kan takut nanti tah tah bakal mak mertua faberet dia kopi mampuih taklepas jadi calon menantu k tak merapu

Sekarang nak cari satu benda setelah 27 of 365 started
Redha dan istiqamah tu je
Amalan baik banyak je amal time before spm dulu tapi lepas jejak je rumah 26/11/2014 everything gone gone by the wind 
Jadi iman kena kental hati kena kuat semoga Allah berkat inshaAllah

litter of tears

Miss her
Idk why
Maybe because I just usha her insta
suddenly a tear dropped
I miss her
really miss her, my sister
And I'm still appreaciated one of 2 sisters I have still beside of me.
Thousands of districts maybe making us far apart just like gas particles
but, because of our hearts are one and united I can fell that you always here.
I just too homesick with the diagnostik
Failed in a subject is not my dream since I was form 1
but, when i'm in the form 4 year now I realized to get no fail is not a piece of cake
4 more subjects need to be sat. Alhamdulillah, another 7 subjects answered
but fail absolutely a must between the subjects maybe 3 or 2 or maybe not. If not, ALhamdulillah
If still yes, Alhamdulillah because thats all are my forcement to be succeed.
I wanna be like my sister. She made my parents proud of her.
She made I interested with her attitude, confidence, and hardwork.
Anddddddd I want to show them (my family) I can be better than my sis
I was not born to be lazy
I was not born to have a fail
I was not born to be shy
but I was born to be a confidence person
to be a successful student
to be a functioning people for my country, family and also ISLAM.

**Alhamdulillah, In Sha Allah, La tahzan Innallaha Ma Ana. Love mom,  Love Dad

this is why

Homework not done.

Not helping mama in the kitchen.

House is all tidy and messy.

Having bath on 12.

In front of the ipad in 24 hours not minutes.

The bed is not cleared and 'tegang'

Reciting the quran only one page.

its only lazy in your day, why? because lazy is you and nobody can prevent it except yourself