litter of tears

Miss her
Idk why
Maybe because I just usha her insta
suddenly a tear dropped
I miss her
really miss her, my sister
And I'm still appreaciated one of 2 sisters I have still beside of me.
Thousands of districts maybe making us far apart just like gas particles
but, because of our hearts are one and united I can fell that you always here.
I just too homesick with the diagnostik
Failed in a subject is not my dream since I was form 1
but, when i'm in the form 4 year now I realized to get no fail is not a piece of cake
4 more subjects need to be sat. Alhamdulillah, another 7 subjects answered
but fail absolutely a must between the subjects maybe 3 or 2 or maybe not. If not, ALhamdulillah
If still yes, Alhamdulillah because thats all are my forcement to be succeed.
I wanna be like my sister. She made my parents proud of her.
She made I interested with her attitude, confidence, and hardwork.
Anddddddd I want to show them (my family) I can be better than my sis
I was not born to be lazy
I was not born to have a fail
I was not born to be shy
but I was born to be a confidence person
to be a successful student
to be a functioning people for my country, family and also ISLAM.

**Alhamdulillah, In Sha Allah, La tahzan Innallaha Ma Ana. Love mom,  Love Dad