Why matrics?

Ya saya pelajar matrik, Kolej matrikulasi Selangor. At the beginning, everyone did not support me to be a student of matriculation, but thats the only choice that i have as the short path to achieve what i aiming for so long since boarding school. To be a science stream student at the boarding school is such an honour till i met the most difficult subjects, biology and physics. Fyi, to score in bio we need to do a lots of reading ( but i am not that one who loves reading ☹️) and to score in phy, you have to grab the concepts and explain it ( but explaining the phy concepts is totally not my speaciality, and i was second last batch for physics during spm trial ). How bad i am, right?

So, i was choosing accounting module in matrics which is the course i have no basics in it. I never learn economics, accounting, business in boarding school so that is my biggest challenge in order to success in matriculation life. 
So in my next posts i will share u guys some of my experiences in matriculation ok ( because i have no idea what to share now, hihi )! Stay tune!